Integrated Medicine

What is Integrated Medicine?

The process of integrated medicine is to combine personalized primary medical care with a patient centered focus to optimize your health. Wouldn’t it be nice to talk with your doctor about all of the health issues on your mind? Wilmington Proactive Medicine is a practice that understands a patient’s history and lifestyle as well as their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs to create strategies to discover the causes of illnesses and how to prevent them throughout your lifetime.

As your primary care practice we make sure your immediate health issues are reviewed and taken care of. Dr. Shanley is Board Certified in Family Medicine and conducts physical examinations and treats symptoms of illnesses as they occur. At the same time we work with you to understand the causes of health conditions to prevent further issues and develop strategies to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Is Integrated Medicine Right for Me?

Physicians and research facilities have developed the science to understand the connections between emotions, lifestyle, your immune system, and disease. By thinking about the patient in an integrative manner the management of illnesses at all levels has significantly improved. To support integrative medicine on a national level Duke University, Harvard, Columbia, Georgetown and a large number of research facilities have formed a consortium for integrative medicine.

Integrated medicine combines complementary, alternative, and traditional medical research, knowledge, and practice to provide the safest and most effective treatment for our patients. The ability to communicate with patients and understand the causes and methods of prevention of diseases optimizes your health care. Optimize Your Life!


Consultative examination

Food sensitivity testing

Adrenal evaluation

Optimizing gut health

Modifiable risk factors

Stress management

Addressing hormone balance

Detoxification/fasting regimens