Laser Therapy

What is LightSheer Laser Therapy?

Stubborn, unwanted hair can have a detrimental effect on how we look, feel, and move through our day to day lives. While traditional hair removal methods often include painful plucking, waxing, shaving, and sometimes chemical applications, Lumenis LightSheer laser hair reduction offers a time-efficient, affordable, and effective solution. In addition, with laser, it is possible to reduce the visibility of superficial leg veins and pigmented lesions.

Laser therapy works because pigments in hair follicles absorb light, which in turn destroys the hair. Repeated laser therapy sessions lead to permanent removal of hair in treated areas. At Wilmington Proactive Medicine we believe the most effective healthcare addresses individual needs and we monitor each patient every step of the way.

The LightSheer laser therapy address both elements of speed and pain reduction. LightSheer Laser Hair Reduction is 75% faster than traditional hair reduction systems and provides an exclusive element of pain relief. The laser incorporates HIT technology which implements suction to elevate and stretch the skin in order to most efficiently target hair follicles. An 805nm diode laser creates rhythmic light pulses that prevent future hair growth. In addition, LightSheer laser products utilize a ChilTip cooling system which numbs the skin, minimizing pain during the process and helping to achieve exceptional results.

Is LightSheer Laser Therapy Right for Me?

LightSheer Laser Hair Reduction is an appropriate therapy for men and women of any age seeking maximum treatment comfort and optimal results in a short time period. Multiple treatments are required to achieve permanent hair or leg vein reduction, averaging between six and eight total sessions. Some hairs will shed from the follicle immediately, while others may require weeks.

LightSheer Hair Reduction therapy is appropriate for any skin or hair type, as this instrument allows your physician to customize the treatments. Two different types of hand pieces provide for a comprehensive range of hair and leg vein reduction options. For anyone with unwanted hair, veins, or pigmented lesions who desires a low-maintenance lifestyle, LightSheer laser therapy is a cost-efficient, time-friendly solution that offers lasting results. Call Wilmington Proactive Medicine today for more information on Lumenis LightSheer Laser Therapy.

Laser Hair Removal Pre & Post Instructions


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