Personalized Medicine

What is Personalized Medicine?

Personalized medicine is a field of medicine that uses diagnostic tools to identify specific biological markers, often genetic, to identify which medical treatments and procedures will be the best for each individual person. This greatly enhances the ability to get the right treatment to the right person with the proper dose the first time through the use of biological tests and specific therapies. Why is this important? Because a person’s response to treatment with respect to safety and efficiency is greatly dependent upon their molecular profile.

Our starting points as humans are not all the same. The idea of one size fits everyone is no longer in practice. Each of us have individual components in our bodies that react differently to medications and treatments prescribed for us. The solution is Personalized, or Precision Medicine designed for each individual. In this method, treatments and preventative measures are developed for each person based upon genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. Buoyed by The National Institute of Health, and in accordance with other major research centers, they have formed a precision medicine initiative to bring precision medicine to all areas of health care on a large scale. The data is being used to study a large range of diseases with the goals of better predicting disease risks, how they occur, and prescribing better diagnosis and treatment strategies.

A Personalized Approach to Patient Care:

1. Risk Assessment – Genetic testing to discover your susceptibility to diseases.
2. Detection – Early detection of potential diseases at the molecular level.
3. Diagnosis – Accurate diagnosis that allows for an individualized treatment strategy.
4. Treatment – Better results through specific treatment and reduced side effects.
5. Management – Active monitoring of treatment response and any progression of diseases.
6. Prevention – Behavior, Lifestyle, and Treatment to prevent diseases from occurring.

Anyone who has been diagnosed with or has someone they are caring for is aware of the expense, reactive treatment, and inefficiencies of medical care in the events of late stage diseases. A better solution is personalized, preventive, and participatory medicine that is specific to you based on your personal genetic and predictive information that allows you to take action specifically designed for you. We are now able to find the right treatment at the right time with better treatment and precise methods saving our patients time and money.


Evaluation of your unique genetic and functional health

Optimization of hormone balance

Modifiable risk factors

Optimizing disease prevention based on individual risk

Detoxifying/fasting regimens as appropriate