Women’s Health

Minimize Health Risks

Do you want to live a healthier lifestyle, feel younger and more vibrant, and minimize health risks? Anyone at any age can learn ways to have a healthier lifestyle and avoid potential illnesses later in life. At Wilmington Proactive Medicine we understand that every patient is different physiologically, psychologically, and in biochemical makeup. As a result we emphasize a personal approach to healthcare to treat any medical condition and to prevent and minimize the risks of major diseases. With the latest clinical research, advances in biotechnology and preventive medicine, we focus on slowing down or in some cases reversing the aging process by treating age related diseases on the cellular and molecular level.

As a woman ages her body becomes less effective at producing vital hormones that play a crucial role in the proper functioning of her body. This female hormonal balance is extremely important to your health, mood, and well – being. Patients often complain of fatigue, memory problems, headaches, and emotional issues. Aging causes your body to become less efficient in producing the proper levels of natural hormones that are critical to the functioning of all major organs and vital body systems. At Wilmington Proactive Medicine we help you regain the proper hormonal balance necessary to improve your health and vitality. By using hormones that are identical to the hormones in your body we can restore your hormones to normal, acceptable, and healthy levels.

Hormone Deficiencies

In addition to proper hormonal balance, metabolic balance is also vital to your health, your lifestyle, and optimal performance. Your body needs the proper nutrients for functionality and to prevent diseases. Nutritional deficiencies are often caused from low levels of amino acids, vitamins, or minerals. As an example most women have a Vitamin D deficiency which plays a crucial role in thinking, concentration, memory, and pain management. We will determine any nutritional deficiencies and suggest an individual supplement plan. Simple adjustments to your diet and nutritional needs can make a huge difference in your health and vitality.

The best way to treat any medical issue is to prevent it from occurring. Preventive medicine focuses on optimizing health, reversing the aging process, and preventing the development of age related diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, strokes, and dementia. Active screening and early diagnosis combined with advanced laboratory testing are fundamental in helping patients avoid serious illnesses.


Irritability and fatigue

Unexplained weight gain

Low libido

Joint pains

PMS symptoms

Mood swings

Hot flashes

Loss of skin elasticity

How Do We Minimize Risks?

Frequent screening

Early diagnosis

Lifestyle modification

Nutritional planning

Hormone therapy

Regenerative medicine

Stress management

Wilmington Proactive Medicine finds and treats the underlying cause of diseases and emphasizes the need to improve health, optimize performance, and increase the quality of life for our patients. A successful treatment plan focuses on specialized clinical test, individual risk assessment, and a patient’s history. A comprehensive medical approach is necessary to optimize your health to improve the quality of your life, help you look better, and feel younger. Optimize your life today.